LSD + shrooms + MDMA + ketamine

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LSD + shrooms + MDMA + ketamine

Postby zelixir » Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:58 am


I drop about 230µg of LSD. Watching the latest episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown as I wait for the comeup. Feeling quite excited but perhaps a teeny bit nervous as well. I've hyped this up in my head for so long that I just hope it'll live up to expectations.


Starting to feel some of the LSD at this point. Elevated mood and general goofiness. Also starting to feel some muscle tension which I commonly feel on the comeup. Light visuals are apparent as well at this point. Nothing serious yet but some things look a bit "off."


Definitely still on the comeup from the LSD. Just dosed about 3.5g of powdered shrooms mixed in a glass of pineapple orange juice. The juice does a great job of covering up any bad taste from the shrooms, much to my surprise and pleasure!

I jump in the shower for a bit and listen to Pink Floyd's The Wall because stereotypes exist for a reason. It feels amazing. The water droplets appear to be traveling up the shower wall.

My phone has just informed me that there is a new episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! available so I decide to go sit out on the roof and listen to that for a bit. I am feeling very nauseous at this point.

People doing everyday things like backing their pickup trucks into parking spaces amaze me.


Everything is still going really well. I suddenly became very aware of the sun. Not something like "oh the sun's out how nice" but more "HOLY SHIT THE SUN IS FIRING RAYS DIRECTLY AT ME" So I moved inside. The air conditioning feels absolutely amazing and soothing right now. My internet is down which hasn't seemed to matter up until this very moment so I'm just going to go carry on as if it hadn't.


Dosed 125mg MDMA. Hung out with my friends for a bit as they all freaked out about Verizon cell service and Time Warner internet being down so they thought the world was ending. It weirded me out for a bit too actually. But then I remembered I could google this issue (using my phone's data of course) and it turned out that service was out for the entire area. I'm not entirely sure how the one person who was insanely high was also the only one to figure that out. Eventually, I got bored and decided to go back to my place and listen to music.


I IV'd about 80mg of ketamine which put me in a very strange place. I honesty cannot describe what happened or what I felt for a long part of it. It was beautiful and it was great but beyond that I can't really say.


I feel warm and blissful and whole. I redosed ketamine (220 mg insufflated this time). I want to curl up and snuggle the entire human race and let everyone know that we'll be okay in the end. I go out and sit on my roof and listen to music and just appreciate life and the earth. I have some orange pineapple juice and it tastes perfect. I feel dissociated but also incredibly connected. I wasn't sure how the MDMA and ketamine would interact but this is just amazing. I am hyperaware of everything but I am also content to just sit back and observe and let experience wash over me. I can just absorb. The warmth of the MDMA mixes well with the ketamine. Once it gets too cold, I move back inside and curl up in a soft blanket.


My head still feels quite floaty. Everything is still a bit surreal. Somehow I still feel very attached and connected to everything. I am very obviously still tripping/rollling/whatever but I also feel very clear headed in a sense.
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Re: LSD + shrooms + MDMA + ketamine

Postby GrimReaper » Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:25 am

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