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Sleeping Reality

Postby reality » Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:21 pm

So I suppose I'll start a dream journal here. I hope that some others from our little #dreaming collective will be interested in doing so as well - I think that having a social dream reading/writing/discussion group of friends is great for the recall and general mindfulness leading to lucidity. Feel free to comment on my dreams in this thread, and if you want to start your own journal just start a new thread in viewforum.php?f=54 :)

So, starting with last night, I have one dream I can remember quite vividly...

I'm with some friends I know from waking life, and we've made contact with some tiny race of sentient beings I remember distinctly as being humanoid though barely visibly recognisable apart from a ghostish blue aura which surrounded them. We're on a hot air balloon which is docked in a hangar with an open top, having some kind of joint party with this tiny species.

I seem to have crafted some kind of personal flying device out of technology acquired from the tiny people, and rather spontaneously I shoot off into the sky laughing maniacally and filming it on my mobile phone. Eventually, after zooming around for a while, I start to lose control and go up higher and higher towards the white clouds. At some point, after I've lost sight of the ground, the device loses power and I start falling.

I think that the adrenaline kicked in a bit here so from this point the dream was very vivid - I can clearly recall the rushing of the air and the increasing intensity as my speed increased. I remember turning the phone camera towards my face and saying something to the camera as a 'last testament.' Shortly thereafter, I realise that I have a water bottle stuffed with a parachute in my hands and I juggle the things I'm holding around a bit to unscrew it - I remember feeling the fear of dropping it at this point. Apparently the parachute was held in the bottle by pressure, and as soon as it was unscrewed the parachute unfurled.

But alas, I was going too fast for the parachute to unfurl properly. I was still increasing in speed towards the Earth. I remember sort of willing myself not to die, and when I got quite close to the ground the parachute seemed to take a little bit, and slowed me down a small amount before I crashed into the ground.

I came to, lying in a rough field, hurt but still conscious and moving. As I stood up, a girl appeared next to me, just standing and looking at me. She too was hurt - I didn't know why she was there, but I told her she'd be okay and suggested that we head to a hospital.

As we were walking, I started fumbling with my phone to watch the video I'd taken, and the girl grabbed the phone off me and wouldn't give it to me. I said "I deserve to see it!" but she wouldn't give it up. I argued for a little while before grabbing the phone off her, and as I did she disappeared and was replaced by a tall semi-translucent man in a large coat who just stood and stared at me, wanting me to understand something...
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