Aleph-2 3.8mg's First Time Very odd drug.

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Aleph-2 3.8mg's First Time Very odd drug.

Postby Sleep » Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:24 pm

This trip happened on... The 18th of March 2015.

T-2 hours Took 6 grams of Kratom (Red Vein Indo) to help with the bodyload if there is one.

T+0 Took 3.8mg's of Aleph-2 capsulized with some tea. Dropped at 01:58 (Note the people who think I stole this off of bluelight are wrong, as this... is kinda the same person.. I just wrote the dose wrong on one of them, this is not that place)

T+00:30 Much more happy, smiling more, getting a bit restless.

T+00:45 Took 540mg's of Black Cohosh to help with the restlessness.

T+00:55 First sign of slight CEV's, lovely dark purple intertwining with red.

T+1:20 Some GI discomfort, which well, let's just say the Kratom didn't help with at all. Gentle uprising to something special.

T+1:40-2:20 Visuals are increasing. Having hot/cold flashes. Slightly sleepy....?

T+2:25 Took a shower, and that ramped up the CEV's and gave some nice OEV's.

T+2:30-3:30 Enjoying myself just laying down looking at the ceiling, seeing nice patterns, and lovely CEV's when I close my eyes. It seems when I write in my journal or take a keystroke, that it's deforming under my hands.

T+3:30-4:30 Talking to one of my friends about various other psychedelic compounds, feel at peace for the first time in quite a long time, just talking to a fellow psychonaut. Very non DOxish, bodyload has come and gone, yet is much easier then the other DOx compounds I've tried (DOM/DOET/DON)

T+04:30-04:50ish Took a small walk to the corner store. Was absolutely beautiful letting out some energy, and watching the corner lights shine off the puddles of water from the earlier shower. Just absolutely beautiful.

T+ 5:00 Abrupt stop with OEV from coming back to the store. Odd chemical.

T+ 5:20 More GI problems. (Thanks again opioid addiction) Am starting to feel a slight comedown. Issues with roommates, brought the mood down a bit.

T+ 6:20 Still having issues with roommates, still dropping off a bit, which is strange, but I did take a "threshold" dose.

T+ 7:15 Coming down more, I suspect I hit baseline within the hour. May take some clonazolam to knock myself out in a bit, as the body tension is still there + the roommate incident.

T+ 7:52 Took 2mg Clonazolam, to try to get to sleep.

T+ 17ish Feeling like death, didn't get much sleep, odd dreams. Which I expected.

T+ 21ish Finally got some food down, feel much better.
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